5 Ingredient Grilled Chicken with Coriander Sauce

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This Grilled Chicken recipe with a side sauce of Chilli, Lemon and Coriander (or fresh cilantro), is perfect for weeknight dinners. Prepare the chicken and sauce early for a quick grill before dinner time. This will soon be a go to for your chicken recipes.

This recipe was born out of a desire to not waste food, as I was faced with the ‘ugly’ half of a bunch of coriander. It’s also a great recipe with a small cooking time for those fast meals. There was born my Grilled Chicken with Coriander, Lemon and Chill Sauce. 

I wanted to come up with one of the best ways I could use up the stalks and the left over leaves. What a better way then to add some punch with chilli and lemon. A real flavour explosion!

This is an example of how you can make a wow dinner with very little effort. With just 5 main ingredients, there is no long list of ingredients to shop for either. Some of my best recipes come from having to be a little inventive with what is in the fridge to use up. .

If you are making this for the whole family, you can exclude the chilli, and this will still work well. Also, if you are one of ‘those; people with a coriander aversion, then you could easily supplement this with parsley.

Scroll below for more options on side dishes and tips for changing up this dish. I have included low carb and carb options, to complete this great recipe, and a great supplement the grilled chicken. This really is a fast healthy chicken recipe!

Grilled Chicken Coriander Chilli Lemon Salsa

5 Ingredient Grilled Chicken with Coriander, Chilli & Lemon Sauce

Grilled Chicken Coriander Chilli Lemon Salsa
  • Author: This Is Wellbeing
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 25
  • Total Time: 35 minutes



1 tbs olive oil

1/2 bunch coriander/cilantro, roughly chopped

1 red chilli, halved

1 lemon, used for lemon juice

1 yellow capsicum/bell pepper, cut into lengths of 8

2 small boneless skinless chicken breasts, 160-200 grams each, sliced diagonally to make two thinner fillets from each. This would also work with boneless chicken thighs.


Mix olive oil, coriander, chilli and lemon, add a teaspoon salt to season, in a food processor.

Keep half of the mix to the side, and put the other half in a bowl with the chicken, these are your marinade ingredients. Marinate for at least an hour, but this still works well done straight away if you are short on time.

Grill the capsicum – heat a grill pan (aim for those grill grates!), BBQ or fry pan to a medium-high heat and place the capsicum on the pan. Grill firstly to get some colour on the edges, and then reduce to medium heat. Cook for around 10 minutes until they soften, but not too much! I love those grill marks!

Set capsicum aside, pat with a paper towel if needed and keep warm, at room temperature.

Pan fry the chicken on the medium heat of the gas grill pan or bbq, and cook for around 5-6 minutes each side, until cooked through. This depends on the thickness of the chicken breast you have and how you sliced them. Remove chicken.

Place chicken onto the bed of capsicum to serve.

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If you are low carb:

  • You can serve this with a large handful of baby spinach, as I have done here.
  • You could also stirfry some green beans, broccolini, with some garlic and olive oil on the side
  • Try some cauliflower rice for a low calorie, filling alternative. To make this, place half a cauliflower, trimmed, into a food processor. Stirfry with a little olive oil. You can also add some fresh herbs like parsley and oregano. Add at the end some slithered almonds.

If you are all up for carbs, try the follow:

  • Brown rice
  • Sautéed lentils with some stock and garlic, stir through parsley at the end.
  • Why not try a coriander or cilantro lime rice next time.



Coriander: This recipe is perfect for the ‘other’ half of the coriander. You can use all the stalks here as they add a huge amount of flavour and are mixed fine in the marinade.

Grilled Chicken: I always turn my chicken into thinner size fillets. You can do this if you a nervous cook of chicken, or you can use a meat thermometer I feel that one fillet can be quite thick to cook well. Another option is to get a tenderiser and make the fillets thinner. Depending on the weight, I might only have one half, especially if I have more on the plate. If my sides are calorie light then I might have the whole breast. Place your knife at a 45 degree angle through the thick part and slice in half. You could also cook on a charcoal grill for even more flavour.

Red Chilli: This is optional if you don’t like spice. I really think the hit of chilli makes this. The amount of heat is fully dependant on the chilli, but if you are bit nervous, just add half. Mine had quite the kick, which I loved!

Lemon: you could also substitute with lime to make a coriander or cilantro lime chicken marinade. Adding some lime zest would even pack more of a punch!

Tools: I use the Ninja Kitchen Intelligence System for my food processor, but any one will do! You could even use a mini chopper for this. As long as you can get it fairly fine. As always, have your knives sharp!

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