About Me

I’m a passionate home cook, taught by my Mum and Nan. They gave me all the basics and skills, and then I have found inspiration in cookbooks and YouTube recipes. 

As an Australian, brought up within a Maltese family, I have good simple flavour bombs and olive oil running through my veins.

I have a healthy obsession with  Jamie Oliver (his inpiration will come flooding through), and recently discovered Yotam Ottolenghi, with a new take of vegetables, that is blowing my mind. Mix that with a influence of simple Australian cooking by Donna Hay, and you have what makes my culinary world tick. 


This Is Wellbeing

This blog is not just about food, but about a way of life!

It’s a place to discover the best of the Mediterranean Lifestyle. It’s a combination of countries from Europe, Middle East and North Africa, to bring an amazing diversity into one region. 

Get fresh, healthy Mediterranean recipes made with seasonal ingredients and simple techniques. This Blog is focused on authentic Mediterranean food to inspire you to create easy, natural, and beautiful food.

The blog is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is home to inspiration and real-life stories that inspire you to lead a life of wellbeing.



Tips and recipes for healthier food, based on a Mediterranean Diet for the whole family.


Hacks for life and topics of joy. Could be a hobby, a mindset or something funny. Anything goes here. 




Conversations about a healthier lifestyle and how to bring it into your busy family life.


Explore the world or your own backyard. Tales and tips for adventure and discovery with your family, significant other or alone.


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