My Favourite Podcasts, Video and Articles for July 2021

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Each month I will be sharing the content that I have loved, with you my readers. This will be a collection of the best that I’ve seen in the digital atmosphere and content that really gets me challenging how I approach my health and life. 

I’m a huge lover of podcasts, web content, articles, blog posts and videos on line, if you haven’t tried all these different content types I would encourage you to explore.

But, like you, I get completely overwhelmed with the amount of content that I’m taking in. Hopefully sharing my content will point you in the direction of some great thoughtleaders or give you inspiration for small changes in your wellbeing journey.

I love discovering new pieces of content to motivate me to try new things, and whether it be new recipe a new place to explore, or just new thoughts.

Number 1: Podcast – You Turn Podcast – Ep 185 The secret to having more energy – Ashley Stahl


Blood sugars effect your diet, your desire for weightloss, but also your mood and energy levels. I have also recently discovered, it effects your desire to constantly want to eat due to spiking your insulin levels! Understanding this can be a little complicated, but I found this podcast with Kelly LeVeque, dietician, to be one of the best summaries. If reading is not your thing, and you haven’t tried a podcast before? I highly recommend trying to take in content this way. 

Number Two: YouTube Video – Hangry By Nature – Top 10 Kids Activities in Victoria


My travel loving son and I love chilling together at the end of the day with some travel videos for inspiration and these guys are at the top of our list! They find things to do that aren’t on everyone else’s Top 10 list!

Great drone pics and short and sharp content, really helps you work on that bucket list. Whilst this is family orientated, I honestly think anyone would enjoy this list!


Number Three :Blog Post – The Minimalists

I have been following the Minimalists for years now. I truly believe a clear space create a clear mind and I wouldn’t turn back.

I am certainly not a minimalist, in the traditional interpretation. I have plenty of ‘things’, but I have removed a lot and constantly reassess my need for possessions. The concept of minimalism is only to keep things that bring you true joy.

I came across their latest post this week and loved it. I would add to number 7, you can’t change people, but you can control how you react to them. I stopped thinking how people’s actions effected me a little while ago and changed my behaviour to it. It was completely enlightening and freed space in my mind.


Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!

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