My Favourite Podcasts, Video and Articles for October 2021

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Every month I post my recommendations of the top 3 digital resources that I think are awesome. Just like trying to find a good Netflix recommendation, I find it harder to find content, when  you have so much choice!

I’m a huge lover of podcasts, web content, articles, blog posts and videos on line, if you haven’t tried all these different content types I would encourage you to explore.

But, like you, I get completely overwhelmed with the amount of content that I’m taking in. Hopefully sharing my content will point you in the direction of some great thought leaders or give you inspiration for small changes in your wellbeing journey and Mediterranean Way of Life.


Number One: Podcast – The You Project – Find A Way – Anne McKevitt

This isn’t for the easily offended, but one of my favourite people in Australia, as Craig Harper “tells it like it is, with some tough love”.  This  is a wonderful story, amazing courage and an insanely cool speaker Anne McKevitt.

Number Two: YouTube Video – OTK  – Ottolenghi Test Kitchen

I did a little happy dance when Ottlenghi released a new YouTube Channel and then OMG he used my favourite vegetable in the world eggplant! Simple pleasures in life.

Yes the recipes are amazing, but the best part of these videos is seeing the pure love and joy for food as they cook. A real simplicity and respect for the ingredients.

Number Three : Website – Cooking with Ayeh

Gorgeous recipes presented with love. This is my Tiktok addiction and I now have Ayeh’s overnight oats on my regular breakfast routine.

If you have been hearing all about Tiktok but thought it was for your kids, give this a try and see if you get hooked!


Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!

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