My Favourite Podcasts, Video and Articles for September 2021

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Every month I post my recommendations of the top 3 digital resources that I think are awesome. Just like trying to find a good Netflix recommendation, I find it harder to find content, when  you have so much choice!

I’m a huge lover of podcasts, web content, articles, blog posts and videos on line, if you haven’t tried all these different content types I would encourage you to explore.

But, like you, I get completely overwhelmed with the amount of content that I’m taking in. Hopefully sharing my content will point you in the direction of some great thought leaders or give you inspiration for small changes in your wellbeing journey and Mediterranean Way of Life.


Number One: Podcast – Health Hacker – Heal your heart with the Mediterranean diet & Dr Catherine Itsiopolous


Hear from Dr Itsiopolous on the science and review of a Mediterranean Diet. Did you know that the diet has rated number 1 year on year, and isn’t about eating Pizza and Pasta every day! Understanding why you are doing a diet, not just for weightloss, but significant inprovments to overall wellbeing, is motive to stick to them! Highly recommend a listen.

Number Two: YouTube Video – Dana Berez – Positano Travel Blog

 This video is a visual delight, mixed with practical information for making the most of an escape to Positano in 2021. 

If you are in Covid Lockdown rules like I am right now, you are likely resorting to YouTube travellers for your 2021 escape!

This video will have you making plans for your future European escape, or if you can’t get there any time soon, you might just buy a classic Fiat!

Number Three : Website – TML – FOOD

This is a gorgeous curated social site for Mediterranean Recipes. The collection has a wide range of the complexities of the Mediterranean in one place. And even includes a recipe from yours truly


Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!

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