Running: 5 tips to learn to love running for a couch potato

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I made a life altering discovery one lunch time at work after a friend coerced me into a lunchtime ‘run’. I could actually run a little, well more like a very slow jog, and it felt great. Then I was out of breath and crimson red in the face.

However, I kept pushing through those small 5 km runs along the Yarra River in a loop to the ‘G’ and back. Nothing like a one hour lunch deadline to make you move faster so you can fit in a quick shower whilst shoveling in a sushi roll. Each time I ran a little more and walked a little less. Then I realised this was also the quickest way for me to drop some much needed kilograms and it was the highest calorie burn for the least amount of time. I have learned since to mix up my training but now when I know my time is short, I quickly strap on the Nike’s and bust out 5 kilometres.

So how did I go from the lunchroom to a a lunchtime runner? Here are some tips that worked for me.

  1. Just Start

Even if you can only manage a jog of 20 seconds, just start there. Jog for 20 seconds, walk for 1 minute, then just keep with these intervals. You will be amazed at how quickly you can build on this time. But the point is to just start someone. Don’t be so hard on yourself to start with. Any distance achieved, whether walking, jogging or running is better than doing nothing. Just give a short jog a try in addition to your walking.

  1. Pick your power tracks

I know that my running times are significantly better with certain music playing. There is something about The Rockerfella Skank that gets my little legs going at a crazy speed. My retro tunes might not be for you all, but just find some music that gets you going. I love to use Spotify playlists on my iphone to change my music around and keep it fresh so I don’t get bored, especially on the treadmill. Well worth the $12 a month investment.

  1. Run in the morning if you can

I am the master of procrastination, or making pretend deals in my head like ‘if I don’t eat an extra chocolate biscuit tonight, then I can miss my training etc etc’. I know that if I run in the morning, I just don’t think about putting it off, I get out there and just do it. I also end up on an exercise high for the rest of the day and have a noticeable bounce in my step as I am secretly very pleased with myself.

  1. Invest in a great pair of running shoes

No I don’t mean spend a small fortune. I got a great pair of Nike’s which I love for around $120. They were fitted to me and I spent quite a bit of time trying different ones on. If you want to invest in running lycra, hooded tops, heart rate monitors etc, then that is entirely your choice, however, all you really need is a decent pair of shoes to be comfortable in. I do have a heart rate monitor, which I find great for tracking my calories burnt, but this is not a necessity. Just get out there and run.

  1. Run outside

I do have a gym membership and love to pop down for a quick run after the kids are asleep, however, nothing beats a run outdoors. The energy boost from being out in the fresh air and the smells of the gumtrees around my running track combined with the endorphins from the exercise make my head space clear and all the small troubles disappear. Afterwards you are just ready to take on the day with a renewed outlook on life. This is why I love to run mostly. I become a better person mentally and have a few calories burned to boot!

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